Founded in 1918, Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) is the only Estonian technical university and the lead academic establishment in engineering, business and public management. TalTech is a part of 4% of the world’s leading universities. We have about 12 000 students, 1300 of whom are foreign students. Lectures are held in Estonian, English and Russian. TalTech’s 18 academic buildings and 6 dormitories are located on 55.5 hectares under the Mustamäe pine forests.

The uniqueness of TalTech lies in the synergy of technical-, nature-, exact-, social- and health sciences which helps in the birth of new ideas. Teaching is based on internationally recognized scientific work and TalTech graduates are highly valued on the job market. Over 70 000 TalTech graduates have helped to significantly shape Estonia’s economy into what it is today.

TalTech offers it’s students a wonderful student- and cultural life and the local housing- and sporting capabilities are one of the best in the Baltic countries.

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